​​​​​Christopher Morton

CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator

Born and raised in the South-end of San Jose, Christopher has always felt most comfortable in motion. After experiencing and overcoming his own life trauma, Christopher was inspired to make the most of his experiences and help others embark on their own journey towards true comfort and health through Massage Therapy and movement.

Armineh Astanboos

Spa Specialist

​Born in Tehran and a graduate of Food Science and Technology Engineering, Armineh Astanbous is familiar with nutrition and holistic dietary practices,  especially Iranian ones. Her interest in self-​knowledge has led her to study Psychology and theory of mind.  Her passion for art has driven much effot in many forms. From painting, fabric and fashion design, music production and dance, Armineh has always explored her creative potential.  She currently choreographs and dances with a collective group named "Ma-Ha". 

​​ Johanne Desjardins

Owner, Manager, Esthetician and Massage Therapist

Johanne is a nurse, esthetician, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, intuitive healer, and transitional life coach. She is committed to a life of personal growth and fulfillment through healthy living and introspection. She believes that we were engineered to self-heal, if we can just take the time to slow down, have the chance to experience "stillness" and connecting with our inner-self to explore who we are mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Her journey started in the spa industry in 1992. However her purpose was clarified in 2014 during a trip to Bali. She returned with a vision of helping people grow, heal, and reconnect by providing them a place of refuge. She advocates for her clients to explore themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally so that a sense of authentic contentment can blossom. Johanne is a champion for key activities that promote well-being: floating, meditation, life coaching, and nutrition.  She is passionate about bringing this experience to others.​​

Jenny C. ​on 5/31/2016

"I've been looking for a day spa in town that I can go to regularly. I'm used to 5 diamond rated spas from other areas, like when I travel, but wanted something of the same caliber on a regular basis. Let's face it, the older we are the more TLC is needed. 

Anyways, gave this place a shot and I'm so glad I did. Johanne was not only an expert, but also very experienced and up-to-date on the latest treatments and trends. I had a mild chem peel and the results were the best ever. The chem peel was specifically tailored to my skin in every way, from the amount of time and concentration to the products used. As a result, my skin radiated and it lasted too. My skin is not the radiating type either. It's the dull, cross-my-fingers-that-it-doesn't-get-any-worse type of skin. So yes, Johanne has made me a believer and a regular."

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Shannon T. ​on 7/25/2016

"Meeting Johanne has changed my life! I went in initially based on her location next to my hair lady, as well as her stellar Yelp reviews, but Johanne is so much more than a masseuse or esthetician. For the past six months I have been seeing her regularly for massage, facial, and waxing. But Johanne provides so much more than these services (she does EVERYTHING, by the way!). She's the most intuitive person I've ever met, and has the most amazing touch. I will not go anywhere else for a massage - I'd even pick her over a trip to Burke Williams! We have built a friendship and I value her so much. Keep an open mind and pay her a visit. You won't regret it. After 6 months of chemical peels and facials, and deep tissue massage, my body has healed so much after having 2 children in a short time. I feel better physically and mentally after I leave Pure Bliss. Thank you so much Johanne!"

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​​​​​​Leena Marathay

Ayurvedic Consultant and CMP (Certified Massage Practitioner)

Leena is a long time Almaden Valley resident.  She offers nutritional and lifestyle consultations from an Ayurvedic perspective and easy suggestions to modify your diet and lifestyle while accounting for your basic constitution and seasonal changes. Using natural herbs, essential oils and remedies she helps people cure themselves and lead healthier, happier lives.  She has a Diploma from Mount Madonna School of Ayurveda.

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